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Story, vibrancy and feeling are three of my favourite things and so it's no surprise that these are the things I focus on when shooting images. Meeting people is a real joy, so being able to translate their story, their passions and their careers to a visual is what I love most.

My first love has always been the arts and following on from a BA in Fine Art, my approach is one which seeks the art in every situation; simply looking for that perfect angle and that perfect light that will showcase my clients and my clients' work in a truthful manner. It is this approach which allows a narrative to emerge from the

images, inviting the person, object or place to speak for itself.

My work on this site is a mixture of food, property, commercial and portraiture but I am also passionate about other areas, so if there is something you would like to work on, please feel free to contact me

and we can work together to create your project.

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